Class-II 50 Meters Surface Supplied

Class II 50 Meters Surface Supplied

Course Duration: N/S

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This course can be done after completing Class III. The 50 metre Commercial Air diver is the highest level of commercial air diving that a diver can take. This is the minimum qualification a diver needs to work offshore in the oil and gas industry, although a diver completing Class II still needs to spend 2 years doing what is called “civil” work. “Civil” work is working in the local harbours and at sea doing general diving work to gain extra water time and experience before applying for work in the offshore industry, after which the diver then again starts as a new inexperienced diver in the offshore oil and gas industry. To get a job in the offshore oil and gas industry is not that easy therefore a diver should have more than 2 years experience in “civils” in as many aspects as possible.

The qualification allows the diver to use hydraulic and pneumatic power tools; high pressure water jets; underwater welding and cutting; hand tools; thermic lances; explosive tools; air lifts; LP and HP compressors; operate deck decompression chambers; manage air quads; hot water suits; dry suits; surface decompression with oxygen; diving baskets and stages; wet bells type I and type II; do dives with over 20 minutes decompression; inspection and measurements; photography and CCTV inspection; explosive procedures underwater; surface supply diving control panels; underwater dredging; understanding of therapeutic decompression tables; principles of closed and semi-closed circuit breathing apparatus; operate a deck decompression chamber during surface decompression and therapeutic treatments; understand the permit to work systems, and much more.

Course Details: Class II 50 Meters Surface Supplied

Location: Nigeria. Training will be done in both fresh water and open sea conditions.

Duration: N/S

Cost: Please contact us as it varies with special offers at times.

Some Subjects Covered on the Course: