Diving Technician

Diving Technician Training

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Competent and well-trained technicians are essential for safe offshore/inshore diving operations. Equipment used to support and conduct diving operations requires technicians for its installation, maintenance, inspection, testing and repair. The correct functioning/maintenance of the equipment is essential to the well-being of the divers and other members of the dive team.

While most dive technicians have ‘trade skills / training’ related to their operational involvement on the diving equipment,SCDRA established a training that will develop the all-round competence of the dive technician in support of the diving system maintenance and equipment. Ranging from the ‘soft skill’ knowledge with regards to IMCA‘Dive Technician Competence and Training IMCA D 001 Rev. 2’ and industry documentation and requirements, management of change processes etc to ‘hard skill’ practical requirements such as oxygen clean systems,high pressure regulator service,cylinder inspections,KMB DSI Helmet technician etc.

Course Details: Diving Technician

Location: Nigeria.

Cost: Please contact us as it varies with special offers at times.