Our Facilities


The focus of this workshop is for students to get an every-minute experience with the oil and gas tools. Each student will learn how to handle specific oil and gas equipment. equipments include:

  • Quads
  • Umblicals
  • Compressors and others listed below

Quads and Umblicals

stationed in the workshop is our diving umblicals, quads and compressors with 24/7 access for students to familiarize themselves with


SCDRA Chamber

Our chamber has an entrance that can be sealed to hold an internal pressure significantly higher than ambient pressure, a pressurised gas system to control the internal pressure, and a supply of breathing gas for the occupants. There are two main functions for diving chambers: as a simple form of submersible vessel to transport divers underwater and to provide a temporary base and retrieval system in the depths; as a land, ship or offshore platform-based hyperbaric chamber or system, to artificially reproduce the hyperbaric conditions under the sea. Internal pressures above normal atmospheric pressure are provided for diving-related applications such as saturation diving and diver decompression, and non-diving medical applications such as hyperbaric medicine.


SCDRA Welding Machines

Learning how to weld is a key part of our Commercial Diver Program. Commercial diving is a competitive industry, and SCDRA trains its divers in the necessary skills to compete. All students are assigned to one welding machine during class time



Breathing pure air is essential. The last thing you want to be concerned about is the quality of the air you are breathing. With our diver’s safety in mind, in our dive centre facilities we have a brand new Bauer Poseidon 200 Compressor.


SCDRA Guest House

The Subweb Commercial Diving and ROV Academy accomodation for its student is built with students comfortablity in mind

SCDRA Offshore Boats

The Subweb Commercial Diving and ROV Academy offshore boat is built for diviig operations offshore. Its major use is for moving studens offshore for diving opperations.


The Dive Control System

Diver Control System provides an integrated solution for the modern surface supplied air diving operations for two divers. The system is delivered in a shock resistant waterproof case. The touchscreen driven notebook size computer integrates voice and video communications as well as the dive profiles. All communications and dive profiles are recorded.


Dive Tank

SCDRA dive tank is a world-class dive tank built to hold a minimum of 10 persons during the training period